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High Butterfly Funnels
No. DF-1 Delrin High Butterfly Funnels (Set of 6) $440.00

Our goal for this project was to reproduce as accurately as possible the original High Butterfly intake funnel.

We started with a computer generated scan of an original factory funnel to ensure that the final product was dimensionally identical to the original, even down to the vertical seams that are seen in the original injection molded funnel.

It was then determined that the plastic funnel material was Delrin and not nylon or a nylon/fiberglass blend that was originally thought. Delrin is a very hard and durable plastic with a high melting temperature (352F) that was used by Porsche in other applications, most notably for suspension bushings.

Finally, the process of injection molding was used to manufacture the funnel, just as was done in "the day".






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