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Modifications / Race Conversions


as submitted by customer

(inquire about the availability of cores)

T to E Conversion ~ E to S Conversion ~ T to S Conversion ~ 38mm Port ~ 39mm Port ~ 40mm Port ~ 41mm Port ~ Stack Conversion


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T to E Conversion, ready to run   $2900.00



E to S Conversion, ready to run.   $2900.00



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T to S Conversion, ready to run.   $2900.00


38mm Port 38mm port and 40mm throttle plate.   $3200.00


39mm Port  39mm port and 41mm throttle plate.  $3200.00


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40mm Port 40mm port and 42mm throttle plate.   $3300.00*

These throttle bodies have been modified for a 1973 2.7 RS racing in Europe.

Top view detail. These are 42/40 throttle bodies. This means simply that the top diameter, including the throttle plate area, is 42 mm. There is the required taper and then the bottom port diameter is 40 mm.

40 mm port side enlarged from the stock 36 mm. Throttle shafts are straightened polished and re-plated before being carefully fit into new bushings.

42 mm top side, enlarged from the stock 38 mm.

Detail of bore contour.


41mm Port  41mm port and 43mm throttle plate  $3300.00


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Stack Conversion  69 - 71 Alloy stacks taper bored to match throttle body conversions (includes new OEM bearings).   $1050.00



We can machine the throttle to any size as specified by the customer within the limits of the housing.

For example a 41mm port or a 39.50mm port etc. Please call to discuss.

Please note that damaged, cracked, corroded or otherwise structurally unsound assemblies cannot be successfully rebuilt.  It is recommended that only matched pairs belonging to the same engine and type be considered for service and reworking.  We will furnish missing parts for an extra charge. Please inspect for damage and cracks before shipping.


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