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Reproduction Throttle Rebuilds


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If your newly acquired reproduction throttles are not functioning properly we are offering a rebuild service that will address some of the issues we have seen.


Typically the air flow can not be balanced sufficiently by adjusting the air screws.  There may be 1 or more barrels that require the air screws be fully closed,  but will still flow too much air.  Other problems include sticking throttle plates and/or loose bushings. Our basic service will usually be sufficient to make the throttles function properly. 


Basic Service:

Completely disassemble. Replace bushings. Fit shafts to new bushings.  Fit existing throttle plates, if possible, to housings.  Assemble and flow test.  $1750


Additional Service:

Machine and fit new throttle plates, if needed, to existing bore.  $330

Overbore barrels to correct out-of-round defect. $440

Replace steel links with OEM style aluminum/chromate.  $150

Strip and replate existing hardware to reduce brightness, except studs.  $240

Top studs, replate.  $90

Rebush bellcrank for tighter fit. $45


Big bore options top and bottom. Call for price.



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