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Warranty:   Workmanship of restoration and machining is guaranteed for one year after work is complete. To avoid problems due to hidden damage or missing parts, carburetors should be removed from a running engine and still function. Junkyard carburetors or mismatched pairs cannot be accepted.

Shipping:   Exact shipping charges for FedEx ground or air delivery will be added to final bill.  Arrangements may be made for alternative shipping and charged appropriately.


Please Note: We have been experiencing problems with poorly packed items from customers.  Please pack items in a secure and cushioned fashion.  Each carburetor or throttle body should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap or some other type of shock absorbing material to prevent the items from colliding with each other during shipping.

Repair Time:   Turn around time varies considerably...anything from 6 to 8 weeks to several months.  If turn around time is important to the planning of your project,  please inquire about turn around time prior to shipping your parts.

Payment:   We accept cash, check, money order, cashiers check and paypal. We do not accept Credit cards.  Add 2% if paying by paypal to help cover fees.  Payment for international orders by cash or bank wire transfer. 

The customer will be notified when the work is complete or nearly complete and the total amount due.  Prompt payment is expected. The product will be shipped after payment is received.



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