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Weber Triple Barrel Carburetors

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WEBER HOUSINGS ONLY:  Re-machine one pair Weber housings.  Work includes replacing throttle shafts, resurfacing flanges, lapped barrels, verify all fuel and air passages clear, new machined brass bushings, throttle plate machining and fitting, new ball pins on throttle arms, installing new 8mm throttles shafts $2350


Instructions:  Disassemble and send empty housings with throttle shafts, throttle plates, throttle arms with stop screw. Please pack well.


WEBER CARBURETORS COMPLETE:  Remanufacture one pair of Weber Carburetors. Work includes all of the above plus zinc plating/chromate  of all appropriate hardware, preliminary setting of floats, verify all jets are true to size, bench test, set pump volume to spec. A jetting chart will be provided.  $3750


Instructions:  Send completely assembled. Actuate pumps to remove as much fuel as possible, Send with air funnels attached ONLY for IDS carburetors in order to protect the enrichment nozzles, otherwise do not send funnels. Please pack well.


Additional charges if lead plugs require removal.  This is not done as part of a typical rebuild but is necessary if there is a blockage. Screws or brass pieces that are broken off require additional work and therefore expense.  Please call to discuss if you have carburetors with broken pieces.


Cosmetic upgrades for an additional charge includes:

New vent tubes installed on top covers, long or short.  $120/set of 4

Remove and re-plate all studs. Removal of all housing, top cover and pump body studs (there are 40 studs per pair)  $300

Aluminum chromate applied to housings. This requires studs and vent tube removal, and new vent tubes installed. $420/studs not plated. $520/studs re-plated.

Worn bushings are replaced with machined brass bushings at each end of the housing. Most also require an internal bushing for the long shaft.


New OEM M8 ball pins.


A very clean pair of IDS housings.


If the original throttle plates are not bent, we can increase their overall diameter and then machine the plate to the bore size with the correct beveled angle. If the plates are bent, or at the customer's request, we will machine new throttle plates from metric spec sheet brass.



Important!   Only OEM Weber carburetors can be successfully rebuilt under warranty. Carburetors must have 'Made in Italy' stamped into float bowl.


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